An exciting trip to… Edale


In october when years 5s will then be in year 6 we are all going to edale like year 6s did last year and they came back and said it was really fun so we are all really excited about going even though it is not for a long while!

We are staying there for 2 nights and we have to take spare clothes and money if you would like because they are tuck shops on the nights were you can get sweets and drinks for 20p and  40p you are not allowed to take electricals because your not insured so if we loose them we cann not get them back so we would not be very happy.

In additiont to going to edale we will need to have good behaviour all week so tehn we will atchually deserve the trip so its like we have atchually done something good to go on this fun and very exciting trip scene as though we have great oppertunitys in Mersey Primary Academy at a reduced price of £40.00 wow!

Haven Hawaiian party at primrose valley

On saturday the 14th June (2014) primrose valley hosted a HHHHHUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE Hawaiian party for owners that was SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! And trust me it was amazing however it wasen’t just a party it was a POOL PARTY and it wasn’t just an indoor pool it was out door pools along with water polo and rounders and crazy golf and huge slides and food and drink and Hawiian archery and it was mostly all FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what ………. I WAS THERE . The times were 6pm until 10pm! IT WAS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!

about Pele by amy

This is about pele agreat football player , his real name is eson arantes do nasimento, but people call him pele. In additon he was born in tres coraroes in 1940 octotober 23. Now he is the ago of 74  and he is still alive now.

Pele played for many years  and over the years he got better and better at foot ball and become the worlds greates, in totall he has now scored 1283. He was a forwored but the he change to a sriker because he won many  maches for hes incredible team, in ages no one had heardly won agenst them because of him. his devastingpace and unsupasated ball conmrol thats when he become a stricker.Pele celebrates  a goal  in 1970  worls cup final agast Brazil and itally .

Incredbly at the ago of 17 pele he did his ever first world cup goal 1-0 agaist wales . altough in sweden he got a hatric 5-2 fiinal .In 1975 pele joined new york . at the age of of 29, he was at the peak of hius powers , His amazing dumies shot  shots from half way line and all the brillant goals hgelp all his team to win lots of maches.

In 1977 after the comsons he had won hasle he retered  but all his fans would still reber him for manty of genersysons. A;so people are still tealking about him now !

Watch Steven Universe

Are you out of your mind ? Are you crazy ? Have you ever been told to calm down? Are you sik of these questions? Do you like Uncul Gradpa (Another crazy program) ? If you do you will probelly go mad at the amazing Steven Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favrouite episode is ” CHESE BURGER PACKPAC!” because steven waits for a package , then it comes and guess what it is …………. it’s a ” CHESE BURGER PACKPAC!” and steven saves almost everone with this so called  ” CHESE BURGER PACKPAC!” . 4 people out of five like it and one of the four could be you. So emideatly filck you tv over to channal 606 and watch STEVEN UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The person I want to be by chance

The person I want to be he has great ideas on what to to build on: Minecraft, Terraria, and other games etc.he can biuld anything withought being lazy and cheating he is full of humar but it doesn’t matter because he has lots of friends to help in building his creations he has got loads of ideas for whatever he is going to do.

He knows his designs he created his own skin! even with light and shade! The design is FABULOUS! it’s like a realistic CAT! It is the best everything he does in games is either funny, amazing, boring.

Dont keep germs by amy

Do you like germs? Do you know what it can do? Well then read this it will tell you how bad it is! Germs can spred easly so wash your hands QUICK!

Is your kichen sparkley clean ? the germs that could be all over could spred and it spreds fast. in addition germs can get worse is you heat it so dont do it . it can also  be cause by not washing your hand or clouths proupley, it might get all over your body and you may die! so always make sure that things are clean you dont want to live in a germ house do you? if you have spray make sure you use it proubley and then you wont live in a germ house. do not soak overnight that will let it to grow worse. cleaning is very important you must do it every day and that will keep you healthy alwell. every time when you cook food in the oven and your hangs are not clean the food will be really germy so when you start to cook wash your hands and also wash the food what you are starting to cook alswell. although it might not just be around the kichen it also old be all over the house aswell.

Rules for when preparing food

  • Alwayes make sure your hands are clean,
  • Wear a clean apron,
  • Tie your hair back whenever you cook ,
  • wash your food when you start to cook,
  • do not run around the room when there is cooking around.

Argument on boy from the Butterfly lion

 This text is  on the boy from the butterfly lion why he isn’t  a good  role model for children there are many reasons why he isn’t a good role model for children like how he doesn’t tell his teachers about Basher Beamount and lets him bully him and doesn’t do anything about it. As well as that he goes to  africa  with a complete stranger ! The the boy is also bad as well due to getting detentions so he’s not well behaved either.
He is a terrible role model because he is an absurd pupil due to him running away from school !!! 

An arguement text about wether Boy is a good role model or a bad role model for children by Kira.

Boy should not be a role model for children because he gets in trouble and pranks people. He also gets the cane from the headmaster and gets detentions from lots of different teachers. Therefore he should not be a role model for young children or even just children. Boy has made a lady almost pass out! Following from that, he has got himself and five other boys in serious trouble(they got the cane six times each!) Another one of Boy’s stunts is that he put his hand up in prep and lied to Captain Hardcastle ( one of the teachers who took the prep). After that Boy was asking the Boy next to him what the answers were and when he was caught cheating he claimed that he was asking the boy next to him for a pen nib!

Big writing Sweet dreems little girl/boy By James

How difficult it was to sleep in that strange bed! She wrestled with the duvet and thumped the pillow; she turned her back flimsy curtains; she wished she had never come to London.

At midnight she heard the grandfather clock whirr and strike; and then she heard the gravel in the driveway crunch. She slowly stepped towourds the window. “tick tock, tick tock!” It was 5 past 12. Pulling the curtens across she heard no tick tock; the clock was broken or time was frosen. Shaking looked out the window and a portel was there. “Sweep, sweep!” All of a sudden she was gone however her dresing gown wasnt.



Walt write a descriptive story opening by Jack R

Suddenly,today i saw a footprint on the lushes beach.Out of my skinny ear i heard a CRUSH on the soft sand!I just saw a glance of it and it was purple and the couler green.At this time i was on a school trip out with the children from Mersey Primary Academy and they were scared.One of the children suggested that it might of being a massive goblin.

All of them were feeling terified by this scene.As quick as a cheetah,the suspicous person or monster was very fast indeed.This little and short scene was making everybody feel weird.The magnficent pupils thought that they were in trouble.

I went on the beach waving my hand on the footprint trying to get ideas from it.