here is an interview about a character

on tv today we are interviewing saea and she has a twin brother called david they the travel twins.saea she is a girl and she likes to travel places with her twin brother and they look the same but they are a boy and girl they lernt a lot of fings about time to time travel .

serra and her twin borther fowend a lotta boute mummys and spirrts in side of  the pyramid but in sid of the pyramid thir mummys some wher old and some are  new.9





Our reward trip

Hollywood bowl. 


Every year our school presents us with a prize reward trip to congratulate us for having green behaviour through the school term. to do this we will be given a letter to bring home to show to our parents to tell them that the school is proud so they have gave their child a reward to go on a trip to a certain place. 

This certain place is Hollywood bowl the school specifically choose this place because it is entertaining , fun and gives the children a break from work [school] . It also gives them time to bond with friend that they might not see as much as people in their class . Teachers are also coming with them to accompany them on their celebration     trip.

We will be going today on the  24\3\20015 our class and yr6 will be joining us as well if they got a letter.

Wish us luck .


My Poem About Galileo Galilei

 Galileo Galilei

you are a space scientist but your smart like a praying mantis

 you took your time be the first to see the things what orbit around the sun instead of reading a newspaper with a pun

you set your quest and you accomplished it because your the best

although they should of just give you a rest they put you under house arrest

Galileo you are brilliant to so we always try to be resilient just like you.

By Faith

p.s Galileo we respect you because you let us learn and be more educational at school

thank you

finding a friend

In finding a friend Alice was in here normal day she was listening to here teacher has here normal every day life. But has in the corner of the room her name was called out .Alice fouled the staff lady as if she dint now what to do .As she saw her mum crying as the red tear marks covered her face like if she was instant .Alice new some thing was rung  .As the wiled and crupted voice spoke and the voice said her brother has a problem alice  was about to cry …


Today there was a eclipse. A eclipse is a thing where you look at the sun and there is a hole in the card. when we went out we felt exited. A eclipse is were the moon goes exactly in front of the sun and the only sun that you can see is the outline around the moon. To look at the eclipse we used pin hole cameras.

the eclipse

toady there was a eclipse and y5 went out  to see it and we used a pin hole camera and we saw the eclipse.  an eclipse is where the sun and the moon meets and makes it shine to earth. Mr  Buckley, who is our cear  tacker and he took some good picture. you can see it rally well. later on, we did our big writing on it and we wrote lots of things about it. however the next time  there is going to be an eclipse in 2021 and that’s a long time I felt rally exited.

Our London trip

On the 16th of march year five went to London. When we was on the coach it was boring because it took 6 hours to get there. Because It took that long I decided to look out of the window and all what you could see was either service stations, flowers or trees. When we got there we went straight to our rooms to see what they looked like. When we got in the room it was nice and cosy but we had to be quick because we were a bit late. When we was doing the sightseeing tour we saw lots of famous places. When we was at the rainforest café we had burger and chips. When we was watching wicked I thought it was good because of the monkeys. We went to London zoo and that was very good.

y5 londen trip

on the 26th of march y5 went to London  and also craven primary academy went to with us. it was amazing and a life time experience. there was lots of grate site seeing like  the big ben, the queens palace , London eye, Trafalgar square, and a lovely tour around London. we stayed at the ibis hotel it was very posh. me and faith were staying in room tougher. after a tour around London we went to rain forest café it was full of teddy animals and some animals were moving. we sat down at a table and had burger and chips but some people eat pasta. after that, we went to the theatre and watched the wicked   it was very funny you might think it is scary but it was very funny


My review of the book ‘In Space’

the book we have been reading (we means group one/us) is called future transport, in space. this is my review of the book. I would give this book a five star rating if I was a critic (which I’m not) because it’s interesting  for everybody, by that I mean its not like a book about flowers (for girls) or about football (for boys) its about something every could be interested about, space.

these are the chapters in the book

*introduction              *star wars                  *space probes             *travel to the stars

*the story so far         *moon town              *landers and rovers   *glossary

*space base                 *life on mars             *space tourism           *index


I thought it was really interesting and I hope we get to read it again sometime.

The Cloud Rider

The cloud rider is a very interesting book its  about a cloud rider that falls out of the sky I really enjoy this book and I would love to read it at home I have not read a book a little bit like that I just have no book that is the same as  the cloud rider the cloud rider is about  a brother and a sister and they try not to let there parents know that they got a weird creature in the shed so they both try to work as a team and get what ever  there is in the shed. Then one day they heard the cloud rider talk and were really shocked then they both said you can understand us . There was a story a bit like the cloud rider and its called the Chinese dragon and its a very good book I have not read this book for a very long time  so I cant quite remember  what happened in it. That book was really good though.

By Jasmine