Comprehension Questions0

1.What did Summer say about the lunch table that August and summer were sitting on?

Answer. That they had to be names connected to summer.

2. How did August categorise summer and himself to his mum?

Answer. He categorised them as beauty and the beast.

3.When mom pulled out the book she had been reading to August at night why was he relieved?

Answer. “I was relieved because I was afraid that she wanted to talk but I did not.”


Class pet!0

Dear Mrs Overfield,

I was wondering if you pretty, perfect and nice Mrs overfield would get my class a class pet and then you’d be the best head teacher ever! The pet is a koala.


I want a class pet because, when people are sad they can cuddle up to it and play with the tissue with it and when decorations need taking down off the ceiling or on the ceiling it can climb and do it!

Another reason is when people are being naughty it can spot them out and tell the teacher and the koala can take people to the medical room that are hurt.

Furthermore, everyone would be freaking out and hugging it so they will be happy. Koalas are fabulous and fantastic and nearly never do anything wrong!

Another reason is when you need a drink and you’re in the middle of something it can run to the sink and get you a drink.

Fun,fabulous and flawless Mrs overfield, if you get it you get rewarded with your most favourite of all Malteasers and 99% of us want it. Thank you if you do.

Yours Sincerely,




On  10th of November we are going to London on a coach and staying in Premier Inn for a night and eating at Pizza Hut. It will be a long journey because it is far away on a coach. We will see the London Eye and Big Ben.

On the way there I will be partners with Ryley and we will be eating sweets and we will be partners with Ryley and Ellis in the Premier Inn room. After Pizza Hut we will go back to the hotel and get ready for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After that we will go to sleep and go to the London Zoo then go home.


Enid Blyton0

Dear Enid Blyton,

Me and my friend Phoebe are a big fan of your books,so we have decided to write to you. Phoebe has 5 sets of your books and I have 10!!! You give us many ideas for our work and We are both very fond of your Amelia Jane books and many of your mystery books. We are very creative and have excellent ideas. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeee reply to us!!!!!!

From your NO.1 fans,
                           Emily and Phoebe.

How to make a marvellous magical medicine with Kieran0

Do you want to make a marvellous medicine? Well, follow these instructions:

You will need:

  • spider eye
  • snakes venom
  • frogburp
  • 3 eggs
  • 4 helpers
  • washing liquid
  • toothpaste and a jar


1. Firstly,go with your helpers to get a spider eye and slip it into the jar. That would be the first thing to do.

2. Now get the snakes venom and put it into the jar and stir it for a smooth mixture. Come on you can do it.

3. After that,go to the pond and get the frog burp (you might need to give it a pat about 20 times) Put it in the mixture.

4. So now go to a shop and buy a pack of chicken eggs and crack 3 and add it to the jar and mix well tip use an electric whisker.

5. Sooner or later go and get the washing up liquid from your nearest supermarket. Tip it in the jar and wait ten minutes.

6. Now go to your bathroom and get some toothpaste and add it to the jar.

Finally your mixture is done.


Fund Raising for London!0

 Mersey Meerkats Fund for


 Mersey Meerkats, who are formally known as Year 5, have been promised a trip to London so they are fund raising in the field .

Store 1 is Marvellous Meerkats Homemade Goods. Yum!!!!

Phoebe is looking after the store with Emily. On there table is:

  • Lollipops (a variety of flavour).
  • Sherbet  (with a Hull Fair prize).
  • A secret recipe drink 🍹.
  •  A prize in the sherbet💎.

Mersey Meerkats are excited about this activity! Will they raise enough?


My poem!0

Belly laughs,bubble baths

Flowers birds and winding paths

Dollies, tiaras and plastic wings

Those are a few of my girl’s favourite things

Meows woofs hops and owls

Things that cry,yawn and prowl

Fur and paws and feathered wings

Those are a few of my girl’s favourite things

Sparkling glitter and doing things better

Dresses,gowns and and writing a letter

Monster high and diaries ,sims

Those are a few of my girl’s faviourite things

Blonde , brown curls and crafts with scissors

THOSE ARE A FEW OF MY GIRL’S FAVOURITE THINGS!!! Read the rest of this entry »



I can  answer comprehension questions.


Using a dictionary/iPad,investigate the following American words:semester/recess/and grade.Now use them in sentences of your own.

I am leaving in the  school semester. Semester(term)

Our recess is at quarter to eleven. Recess(playtime)

I am in the 5th grade at school. Grade(year)


When given the choice between being right or being kind,choose kind, which is better?

I would choose to be kind because treat people how you want to be treated because it isn’t fair to be horrible to other people.


If you would choose a precept to live by what would it be and why?

I would stay by being kind to everyone because it is important to be kind treat others how you want to be treated.


Our poem!0

Cats and bats

Mice and bikes

Chairs and bears

those are a few of my friend’s favourite things!


Bugs and hugs

Red and beds

Schools and pools

those are a few of my friend’s favourite things !


Toys and coins

Hats and mats

Rabbits and habits

those are a few of my friend’s favourite things!

By Kiera and Kayleigh


A letter to Jacqueline Wilson by Nancy and Demi0

Dear Jacqueline Wilson,

We love your books very much so we decided to write to you. We have lately been reading Midnight and our hearts were beating very fast as we read it. It is full of drama!  Demi has 20 of your books and I own 40 of them. We are very fond of Hetty Feather and the rest of your tales of Hetty.  We have both been to see the Hetty Feather Show and we both have some of the Hetty DVDs! We have both been very ill recently so please reply to us .


Yours sincerely Demi and Nancy


(p.s. we love your books dearly)