An /10 book review about the not so terrible trip0

I wrote this story recently and called it  ‘The not so terrible trip’. Look at some old posts and you can see it. Luke.


I would rate this story 10/10 because it’s full of humour and detail. My favorite character was Finn because it was his birthday and didn’t feel very well but he met his favorite prehistoric creature, the Idominous Rex, a hybrid of T-Rex, Velociraptor and lizard. This story is probably one of the best stories I’ve ever read!


Even though I was the one who wrote it, I would give this book a  9/10 because I really enjoyed reading this story back to myself, but there was a few glitches in it, like it never explains how the trip going there was, but apart from that I loved it. My favorite characters are Miss Vole and Finn because in the end Finn was really happy and got some good birthday presents and Miss Vole is kind and caring and loves kids, and is especially kind to Finn.

One more comment from both of us

We are hosting a ninja story competition and if you win, you get a free gift and a certificate but on one condition, it has to be 200 words exactly! Comment if you would like a go. Good Luck!


Avengers 1960 to 1962 comics0

Avengers are a group of the best Marvel superheroes in the world

Very strong people are in the Avengers such as the Incredible Hulk

Every person in the Avengers are ready for any kind of dangerous villains

Never give up the avengers never give up on saving the world

Good films

Every power needed is contained in the Avengers

Really awesome movie

Soon Ant Man will join


My teacher called Mrs Jennison0

hi my name is Lacie and I’m going to be talking about my teacher Mrs Jennison she has got brown hair and she teaches us all kinds of thing like maths, literacy and guided reading and spag. She is really funny.

She teaches 29 children in her class she is the best. I really want her in year 6 I don’t even want to go in high school I want to stay in year five she is so jolly.


roar some



even cand





one pretty girl

number maths


100 word challenge about Steven Gerrard0

First off all Steven started playing for Liverpool at 17 years old and scored his first goal on his debut. He scored  some craking goals he is Europes top player in my opinion.

In 2005 it was the champions league final vs Ac Malian and loosing 3-0 down then Gerrard scored and 2 other players scored is well. Steven Gerrard was a captain at the age off 18 because he was a top player at the age of 17 Gerrards number at 17 was 28 now the perfect number 8 at 25 and onwards. His best friend is Jamie Chargar (he was a great legend and centre back).


By Bayley


this is about a diary about Hulk and topic… By Lacie0

Dear diary,                                           Monday 13th March 2001

I have just woken up and I am so tired I can’t go asleep because I need to do things. And I have just looked around and there were trees every where I was saying “Where am I?” but it ended up like saying rrrrrooooaaaa it think that I am in a dinosaur world.

when I stranded up I had ripped trasid and no top I was like “OMG”what is happening to me I am so shot k had so big feet it is like a dragon feet I had loads of tears in my eyes they are watering ……


We have  been doing our topic and it is about Marvel’s Superheroes and the next book I want to read is all about Marvel and it will tell us more things that Marvel superheroes do and  how they have the strength.

We in meerkats would be proud of our work like we all are now. And I think from a 0 to a 100  I think a 100 because with all the other ones are good but I think the topic of Marvel is the best up to now because we have learnt a lot of things when we are doing Marvel…it is the best!

We do a lot of fun things we do steching we do maths and since we have learnt a lot……….

all about Hulk.

Hulk is green he is big he has got so big feet he wears ripped clothes he has got green eyes and he has got stretch and got really big have he can pick up cars. And he also is bigger then a bus and trucks and cars and house.


A book review by Lucy and Hannah0



Today we will be writing a book review on a Jacqueline Wilson book called Cookie. We hope you enjoy this book review. It will make you want to read it.


Hannah: I will give the book cookie 7 out of 10 because I enjoyed it but I thought you could do a better job than that Jacqueline Wilson ,I love all your other stories though especially the Tracy beaker searies thanks for writing them

                                    Thank you

                                        Hannah x


Lucy: I would give this book the score 10 out of 10 because I love this book. I like this book because it is really entertaining and funny. My favourite character is Beauty and her mum. I thought this book was really good and I would definitely recommend this book to other people. I love all your other books especially Little Darlings. In little darlings I like Danny, sunset, destiny, sweetie and ace. I would also give Cookie the score of 10 out 10 because it is really nice to read I can always just relax and read one of your books. Thank you for writing stories Jacqueline Wilson. I am a big fan. Thanks Lucy xxxxxx

Thank you for reading our book review I hope you enjoyed it  edited by Maddie!!!


Reading challenge by Declan0

Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?

He didn’t have the guts!


What kind of cheese is made backwards?



Knock knock?

Who’s there?


I’m who?

I’m a bee who stings you!


What kind of dogs do mad scientists like the best?





Asking 5 unusual questions about my Guided Reading book.0

                                                        CINDERELLA : THE REAL STORY

Why is the book called Cinderella the real story ?

Is there an illustrator in this book if so then who ?

Why have you made Cinderella mean in this book ?

Is there a reason for you making an online chat in the book?

Why is the book mainly letters ?


My letter to David Walliams By Maddie0

Mersey Primary Academy

Derwent Street


Dear Mr Walliams ,

This letter is about me politely asking you to create a book all about me ! I have specific ideas that will work well with all of the writing , cover , blurb and other aspects of the book .

The design of this front cover would be fantastic ! I would have a lock on the hard backed book and it could be Aqua and be called Me And My Life .

At my school I am a school councilor along with Luke . This job involves running tuck shop at play time  . I get to me important people too like the Lord Mayor !

Outside of school my house is crazy ! I have one sister , two brothers , one step brother and one step sister . We don’t get a lot of sleep either because of my baby brother .

Making this his story would definatly benefit you because you will get lots and lots of money and you will have new readers for your books .

I love sports and I have entered a dodgeball and cross country competition before . Clubs are so amazing at Mersey Primary Academy and that’s what I spired me to enter these competitions .

If I happened to have a book all about me I would want it to be funny.

On the weekends I do lots of fun and exciting things . Every weekend at my mums we go swimming. 🏊🙃

I really do hope you consider this and put it into thought about writing a book all about me and my life .

Yours truly ,



P.S I love your books !


Write a blurb for a book you have read.By Lydia.1


The Grand High Witch has a plot to be plotted.It is a plot that can only change humans into MICE!!!

But can a mouse fool the evil Grand High witch and save us all?

A boy called Bruno Jenkins and a little boy gets turned into a hideous mice.