Who has been your most hated character in a book and why? By lydia0

My most hated character is Voldomort because he tries to kill Harry Potter in all of the books and I really don’t like it when he puts a spell on Harry Potter when he was only a little baby and he was only about 1 year old and that is just CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another character I hate is Snape because when Dumbledore dies he takes over the school and the school is in really big danger when he takes over because he works for….Voldomort!!!!!!!! Dun…Dun…Ddddddddduuuuuunnnnn!!!!!!!!!😐😐😐😐


A cold comprehension about Cinderella The Real Story0

My Questions about: Cinderella The Real Story.

1) If you could be any character from this book who would it be and why?

2) Being Cinderella’s dad is probably tough so if you were Cinderella’s dad what  would you say when she is asking for things?

3) What has happened in the story so far?

C.T.G Nominate a friend to blog a challenge to do with this book and explain why you have chosen them.

1) I think I would be the step mother because I would like to see how Cinderella speaks to her. I would also like to be  a police officer in the story because I would also like to see what crime’s Cinderella committed and when.

2) If I was Cinderella’s dad I would say no to every time she asks because she is spoilt and she gets everything she wants usually so for once she needs to follow her parents rules. I would also let the two step daughters have what they want because they work hard all day and every day.

3) In the story so far Cinderella has been invited to the ball and Prince Charming is attracted to her. Also the ball is on television because two presenters tell you all the gossip live when people walk on to the red carpet.

C.T.G I think I would nominate Ellie to do a blog challenge about Cinderella The Real Story because she hasn’t read the book let but I think she will like it. I suggest that she does a book review because it will explain if she likes it or not and why.



Write a new blurb for a book you have read (Boy)0

Do you want to know the amazing life of the UK’s number one author Roald Dahl? It talks about what he did in his schools and what happened out of school like him having is nose nearly comes off, him going to Norway, Oslo and says some things about his dad and he met his mother. He hated his school so much he pretended he had horrible disease that does not pose a threat anymore since it can now be solved easily.


Who has been your most hated character in a book, and why?0

Gangsta Granny.


I have chosen mum as my most hated character in Gangsta Granny because all she does is watch Strictly Stars Dancing Live and she never thinks about her boy Ben even when it’s his birthday she doesn’t even get him a birthday cake!!! On the other hand his mum sends him to his Grandma’s when he doesn’t want to because to Ben she smells of cabbage as she cooks everything with cabbage. DISGUSTING!!!!!!! Then that very day his finds out his Grandma is a jewellers shop thief and it becomes more interesting every time he visits. I have still chosen mum because he will come back from school and she will not ask how his day has been. What if he had got bullied? What if  he got injured? What if someone was picking on him? There are lots of things that could have gone wrong and she does not bother to ask because her programme just comes on when he walks through the front door! 



An instruction text by Lily!!2

I can write an instruction text.

How to create a diorama!

Opening Paragraph:

 This instruction text I will be explaining and instructing, ‘how to make a diorama.’ Lets get cracking! It is going to be egg-cellent!!!In

You will need:



Coloured paper





Cardboard box






  1. Firstly, take a sheet of A4 paper and your pencil. Start to jot down some ideas on what your scene I going to look like and also what you are putting on it.

2. Once, you have finished your ideas you can get straight on, so scan every room and if a cardboard  box catches your eye, clutch it!

3. If  you have found a cardboard box here are some examples on what you can do with it, You can have it as a full box, you can cut the box to keep the back bit or you can easily just have the lid.

4. Now you have sorted your box size, Catch your piece of coloured card and place some glue or cellotape on the back and place it on the back, side, top or the bottom of the box.

5. Finishing your background scene add all the finishing touches like, dangling things, drawings, creating and sticking stickers on it.

6. Finishing it off, place it somewhere to dry in a  hot place. There you have it, your very own Diorama!!!!!!   

Closing Paragraph:

Now you know how to make a diorama you can give an idea to your friends and you can teach them how to make one!!!!!


Coconut Avenue1

Grandma Bounty is fun sweet caring loving and a great grandma. Her grandchild baby Milk and her daughter Mrs Loco and Mr Loco all live in the small cute cosy town of Coconut Avenue. The cat catty Coco lives with them.

They would describe Grandma Bounty as cute, funny, old. Unfortunately Grandad Hawaii died in the great coconut crack II. Baby Milk is miniscule. Grandma Bounty waddled over and gave baby Milk a big kiss. Baby was a bit devastated about granddad.

Suddenly, coconuts started falling from the sky! Bonk! One hit Mr Loco on the head then another then another it seemed to go on for ever then something or someone lurked out of the other coconuts.

He pranced along the road his voice boasting, “I’m going to …” Then pausing. His voice was not calm like grandmas,  then he plunged himself forward onto the road.

Then more came they pushed us out of the house and made baby milk cry. Mr Loco was having non of it he was screaming and bawling at them then the rotten coconut zapped him.

It went straight through him he lost quiet a lot of milk. He had a hole through his chocolate but sensitive heart. They took him back in the house.

Grandma Bounty got her gun put her milk mask on and shot them through the coconut body. There was soon only one left but he agreed he would be good so with power invested in me you will be come good and with a snap of fingers he turned from rotten to good. So they had a party and Grandma Bounty was crowned Queen Betty Bounty.

The End

P.S. Baby Milk grows up to be like her grandma a bad coconut killer and her and her family live happily ever after till the return of coco wrecker!!!



A profile of David Williams By Maddie0

David Walliams


Name: David Edward Walliams.

Age: 44.

Date of birth: 20th August 1971.

Parents:  Kathleen Williams and  Peter Williams .

Children / Wife:  Alfred Williams (son) and Lara Stone.

David Williams Is an author for children . He has wrote several books that I find really funny and love to read over and over again : Gangsta Granny , Demon Dentist , Granpas Great  Escape , Awful Autie and there are lots more . 

Mr Williams Is also an actor and a comedian . Since 2012 David has been a judge on Britains Got Talent .


Questions for David Williams .

What got you interested in writing books ?

If you had to choose to be an author be a judge on Britains Got Talent or be a comedian which would it be and why ? 🚨📖😃

If you had the opportunity to meet all of your fans over the course of a week would you why / why not ? 


Ten foot tales Hull Truck Theatre0

Ten Foot Tales

On Tuesday 17th  May year 5 students went to the Theatre to see a show called Ten Foot Tales.

When we arrived there we went into a little Theatre room and sat down to watch the show. The show started and was very enjoyable to watch.

Thankyou Mrs Jennison and Mrs Foster for taking us.


Mersey Mail| Ten Foot Tales.0

Mersey Mail!!!!

On Tuesday 13th May 2016, Mersey Meerkats went on a trip to ‘Hull Truck Theatre’ to see ‘Ten Foot Tales’ because it was a change of bowling and it is a really fun show.

You can’t find it in a book, online and in a shop. It was created by the brains and the imaginations of years fours, fives and sixes in Hull.

“I really enjoyed going to Hull truck. Thank you Mrs Jennison and Miss Foster and Mrs Overfield for organising this amazing event for us.” By Jay aged 10.

” I enjoyed everything because it was all amazing and the actors were great.” By Lucy aged 10.

We all want to say thank you to Mrs Jennison and Miss Foster for taking us to Hull Truck Theatre. And thank you Mrs Overfield for orginising this trip.




My diary entry of the weekend by Ellie and Catherine.0

Diary entry of Ellie                                                                                              20/05/2016

Dear diary,

I have this weekend all planned out! Tonight, I am sleeping at my grandma’s house for the full weekend! No silly, stupid brothers bossing me about! Just me and my grandma off up to Beverly, staying up late watching the soaps, eating cookies and drinking milk in my newly re-decorated bedroom, stuffedImage result for excited emojifull with new and old teddies!! Oh I just can’t wait for weekend!!   


Diary entry of Catherine                                                                                   20/05/2016

Dear diary,

Today I am sleeping at my grandma’s house and on the night I will stay up to watch Eastenders, Emmerdale and Coronation Street – as I like to call Corrie. Grandma lets me stay up REALLY late so I can’t always be bothered to get up! Image result for excited emojiI can’t wait!!