Rabbid appoclips…

One day , me , my buddy James and his best buddy charlie were all larking Rabbids land on the wii. We shockingly were doing good until charlie died on one of the boss levels! Then me and james were on the final level James cliked the A buttion and nothing happened (If you lose there’s a rabbid invasion) ! Suddenly my remote shut down and vanqished , the same happened to James and Charlie!

“This could be the end of …” said James

“THE WORLD AND NOT THE WORLD US TOOOO!!!!!!!” interupted Charlie

“world,” finished James

James and charlie bit thier nails while i stood there ! Suddenly the TV went black and the wii exploed , a portal formed on the TV and poof!!!!! There stood a mysticle reel life rabbid!


We all walked out side to get some amazing , fablous , fresh air . It felt so nice to cool down from the exsitemennt. I looked upnd so a space ship shaped like a rabbid! Some how millions , billions and trillions of evil rabbids came crashing down ‘ THUMP BUMP TUMP ‘




I feel sorry for will because he is ill and its not just about him being ill it is about having a try and will doesnt know if he should have ago but his parents are supporting him throo out the show but mum and dad are worried about will and lucy doinng the act wheather they will forget about setting the box up i dont know it is justa hint anyway mum and dad are excited and worried so in the middile i would say. Meanwhile Mr sheringham is consulting his list of acts and admiring them therefore

the hounds veiwpoint on page 30 to 33 By Jack Robinson

I heard a sound of the poeple talking to shoot me with a powerful gun.In their voice i got revenge and got a strike on 1 of the people who set the trap up.Sherlock homes is my main one to get because he is the leader and what will they do if they dont have him to judge on what there going to do.On the other hand i will get him with my silver ,sharp teeth.Boom! At that moment i riped open the neck of the leader and was sucking the flesh out of him.All of t people got news from the tele and they were all deverstaed beacuse now i can break free and hget a drink from everyone.Because of the set being in London i will get people from there.Soon anoth the other gangs to save London bragged”We have to kill that horriblr hound otherwise we will ge ate for supper.”In the sound of food i got ready to strike and soon i will make a full house wiped out………

I fell sorry for will because he is ill and its not just about that he is going to let every one down aspelshell lusy and magic joeWill has been prating very hard he has a sore throat a blocked nose and he couldt stop coughingand he mant trip if by jess

hound pont of view by Harry

DOES STUIPD PEFETIC AGENTS ARE TRYING TO FIND ME. I will show them they think they can find me they do not stand a chance of getting me i am one of the most powifullest ledgand ever. But i a feeling a bit nervuse because if they do my story could me over. My reputoin will be ruind also i have murded 6 people in one night so if they do find me they will kill me.Also befor i have got  orld record for killing 65000 people in a club. So ll i need to do now to save my career is…

The hound of the baskervilles by Ben greenley

page 30 -33

the next day the famoes sherlock holems cae and I was pleased and his friend came when we cam to the persons home we hid behind a pile of rocks when we wisperd to holems ”what are we going to do”. “we what here for the wolf to come then we shot it down” can you here that no. then a wild ferasome beast came carging frow with laver eyes………

The houds point of veiw by alicia

The hound is just an little aninal that carnt be understanded and never been treeted the nice way.However he/she has been eating inrsent people but in a non meeningfull way.Why does the people treat it that way just because it has fangs and meen eys doesnt meen they can screech and scard it so it does raly bad harm.But the man did have a message that he was cursed so now his curse was getting killed by a hound.After he killed that one person there all scared.

Hound sight by matthew book:in the dark

page 30-33

I crawled across onto the rock tapping my clawes on the silver staned rock while wildly pounsing forward into the fog. Awell as pushing a white cloth backwards to a house behind me as tapping my claws on the path i began to leave footprints of my collosal feet on the mud when i heared a horried loud bang i started to speed up and pound on all four feet. Fire started to fliker out of my mouth as if my mouth had a hot bight and left a line of steam after five loud bangs i felt a metal ball go through my leg and i gave a loud screach out of my howl.  After my howl i started to flee of into the woods ahead of me.

Transcript from Hot Money(dad and the police)

Charlie: Excuse me sir I think I know what happened with the money and I think I know where it could be.

Senior Doug Harrison: Proceed

Charlie: The money was thrown from the car and I saw two boys pick up the bag of money and shove it into his backpack also the boy who picked it up was with his freind and his freind wore a black and red scarf.

Senior Doug Harrison: Where do you think it could be now then?

Charlie : My guess is that he has taken it back to his house because it hasn’t been recovered yet.

Senior Doug Harrison: It could be at his house but how do you know that it will definetly be there?

Charlie: I don’t know if it will be definetly be there but I think the chances are pretty good.

Mystery of the poisoned pudding:interveiw with albert

So on the day that the fat man was poisoned veronique asked albert the chocolatier a few questions for me. She also asked if anyone tampered with his pudding but albert said,in french,”I always taste my chocolate puddings so if anyone poisoned it I would also feel ill” But thats what veronique said that he said. And anyways albert alwys had locks on his cupboards and on his fridge doors so it was impossible to get into them. It was a downer then I was about to say”I give up” Albert said “Seulement les deux; only two pe