An advert on why you should come to Mersey by Hannah1

Imagine a school with a whole bunch af friends ??? Well, Mersey is the right place for you.

In Y1 you are not the only one

In y2 there are quite a few

In y3 hour as buzzy as a bee

In y4 you learn a lot more

In y5 it’s a happy little hive

In y6 there is finally a very good mix!

Now come to Mersey you are sure to have a very warm welcome!!!



My Wembley Experience1

Early in the morning me, dad, Alex and Andy hired a minibus and Andy drove all the way to Wembley. We stopped off at the Services and got a few snacks and carried on.

A few hours later we had arrived. Walking down Wembley Way, it felt amazing just seeing the arch of Wembley when being parked in the minibus. We got our seats and whatched the match.

The first half Hull City dominated and were by far better than Sheffield Wednesday, and the hard work got payed off because Mohamed Diame struck a whopper of a goal into the back of the net. GOAL!😀. Me, supporting Hull City, at this point I felt like crying in happy tears.

When the full time whistle blew, the match result finished Sheffield Wednesday 0-1 Hull City! We lifted the play-off final trophy and we all chanted ‘WE ARE PREMIER LEAGUE!’. Everyone in a Hull a City shirt was amazed and hoping we will do well in the Barclays Premier League.

Well done Hull City! Written by Luke.


The Time Traveller by Jay1

 Intrigued by the yellow glow of the golden key calling to her, ” touch me…touch me…,” she was immediately blinded by a bright yellow flash. Opening her eyes seemingly seconds later she saw Viking boats approaching the beach she was marooned on. She had time travelled!

Valiantley as the fleet of longships stormed through the water as fast as a Great White Shark hunting its prey. Jasmine saw the boats were heading straight for the pyramids. ” I guess I’m in Egypt.”                                                                                                                   ” I guess you’re right Jasmine” one of the Vikings replied ” come with us or else!”

Jasmine was so scared but puzzled at the same time. “W…wh…what will you do to me?”                                                       “I will chop your ‘ead  off, of course, then you will die at the age of ten and that is very young you know?”                                           “H…Ho…how do you know my age?” She replied.                               “I know everything o’ young one.” The Viking whispered.                 “I guess I only have one choice then.”

Suddenly, Jasmine, the girl, ladied the cannon but instead of aiming for the pyramids, whilst no-one was looking she quickly shot at one of the boats and then KA-BOOM! They were gone. After she blew up all the boats the last few Vikings shouted “get her!” Jasmine ran away but a Viking jumped out of nowhere and shouted “shall I kill her?”                                                                       “No don’t kill me, please just take everything I have got.” Jasmine cried. The Vikings took everything, even the key “no, no don’t smash it up its precious!” Jasmine panicked. Suddenly, CRASH, the key had smashed and she was stuck there.

“I TOLD YOU NOT TO SMASH IT!” She shouted.                                                                                       “Now that we have got what we needed can I kill her?”                                                                         “Yes” commanded the boss so swipe. She was dead. Sadly she died but luckily it was just a nightmare! Thank God that’s over and I am back a boy!


Who should read your favourite book and why ? by Lewis2

My favourite book is The Beano and Declan should read it because it is really funny and he likes funny books. Dylan should read it because it has some super heroes and he would probably go super crazy. Jay should read The Beano because of the monsters because he likes really funny monsters.




Oliver Cromwell Questions by Jasmine0

What was malaria?

Malaria is a life threatening blood disease caused by parasites transmitted to humans through the bite of the Anopheles Mosquito.

What does military mean?

Military means: Relating to characteristic of soldiers of armed forces.

How many countries were in the English Civil War?

One country: England, Scotland and Ireland.

What was a Protestant?

Protestantism is a form of Christian faith and practice which originated with the Protestant reformation.

What is a death warrant?

An official order for the execution of a condemned person.

What does tyrannical mean? 

Exercising power in a cruel or arbitrary way.

What does exhumed mean?

Dig out (something buried) from the ground.

Why was Oliver Cromwell hanged?

He was given a public funeral at Westminster Abbey, equal to those monarchs before him.


Timothy Winters by Catherine0

Timothy Winters


Being a boy of very little cares in the world,Timothy Winters turns around to close the door behind him and set off down the cold,wet path to school. knowing that on his way soon comes what he dreads to see.

Walking past the sweet shop every day, is absolute torture as his small nose presses against the glass of the shop his mouth begins to water and drools hungrily  as he thinks about the stretchy, sweet mouth watering jelly snakes.

Timothy’s mother had run off with a bombardier and the poor boy had never even seen or met his father. The only person who lives with Timothy is his grandmother, And she’s no use to him at all! Sitting in the same old chair in front of the fire, going through bottles and bottles of  Jack Daniels.

With hair like an exclamation mark , it makes it easy for bullies to do what they do best (to Timothy.) He doesn’t hear anything the teacher says, because he’s too busy daydreaming about one day sailing across the seven seas on the S.S.Winters.

Dragging his bloody feet down the path, the ground begins to rumble. Just then, the Spitfires and Huricanes flew over his head and he didn’t find it at all surprising as the had been coming over for the past few weeks to go to war.

He soon arrived back to the same old barely built house on Suez Street, worn out and tired from being bullied about him not having a bath or shower.

With only a sack to sleep in and nothing to support his small head. Being a boy of very little cares in the world, Timothy Winters dreams of one day sailing on the seven seas on the S.S.Winters.


All about slither.io by Declan2


Slither.io is a game where you are a tiny snake, and have to eat dots and other snakes to grow longer in length. There are a few good tactics which will help you out. There is botting, where you use this thing called speed boost to look like you’re a pile of points, and then kill more and more snakes. There is circling, which is when you’re 1000 in length and go round snakes in a circle shape, and try to kill them. There is catting, where you circle yourself when you are small ( although that tactic is a bit dumb!)

This is the Pewdiepie Bro Army snake!

There are a lot of different types of snakes. There are: The Pewdiepie snake, the Kwebblekop snake, the Jelly snake, the rainbow snake, the cat snake, the red and white snake and so many more! There are 3 different ways to play the game, by Android, Ios and computer. All the new skins might not be on computer yet!



A character description on Mr Willy Wonka0

Mr Willy Wonka 

Mr Willy Wonka has emerald green trousers with a scarlet purple tail coat! He has a red waist coat with candy canes as a pattern.

He has a black top hat with a purple ribbon and a dark and light ocean blue striped tie. Mr Willy Wonka has very shiny black and white boots and a black and white striped walking stick.

The collar and cuffs on Wonkas tail coat contain a shimmering turquoise blue that really stand out and glow like the star/moon sparkling in the night sky.


Acrostic poem of Timothy Winters by Declan0

Timothy Winters lives in rags

In his house it is a big old sag

Mum’s run off with a bombardier

Oh Timothy, oh dear!

Travelling far and wide

He searches and searches, nothing to find

Yuck, it’s a dustbin can!


Wounded, with bloody feet

Into the dustbin, he must eat

No money on him

Timothy is now very slim

Engaged by the Jelly Snakes

Races ahead, his jaw always aches






Cold Comprehension Questions and Answers0

1) How many countries are currently in the EU ?
2) What did David Cameron promise in his election manifesto?
3) What is the commonly used name for someone who disagrees with the U.K. Being
Part of the EU?
4) Which of these people cannot vote in the 2016 referendum, and why?
a) Someone who lives in Wales
b) a 17 year old boy
c) an 80 years old woman
d) The

1) There are currently 28 countries in the EU.

2) David Cameron promised to let the UK  people decide whether or not being a member country of the EU if beneficial to us and our economy.

3) The Euro- Sceptics are what people are called who disagrees with the U.K. Being part of the EU.

4)  b) – A 17 year old boy cannot vote because he is seventeen and you have to be eighteen or over but if you are a boy and you are over eighteen or eighteen you can.