Violet is like a small incredible Hulk  because she almost smashed a car half way across the world  ! Plus she has awesome roller-skates !Plus she nearly died!                                                                 

Her best mate was getting picked on by a big bully. So she helped him and nearly through the park across the world to only stop a giant bully. Then she laughed over it! She tho












London Vist

On Monday 16th of March y5 Mersey school and y5 Craven school are going on trip to London and we are going on all sorts of different places there. We are going to the London Rainfall café and the theatre to watch a musical called Wicked and its like the wizard of Oz. Then wee going to be staying in an London hotel and sleeping there without our parents. Then were going to the London Zoo to look at the wild animals and were coming back on but we are raising money for the school we are coming back on Tuesday the 17th of  March. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED READING.


by Jasmine

sciance club

On Wednesday 4th I went to my club and with miss rust the club tried to make a balloon explode .The ingredients  was                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            .3 lemons squeezed. 1 clear bottle ,1 balloon , baking powder and that’s it really

All about space. [ guided reading ]

This week in guided reading me and my group have got a new book called all about future transport to space and it is so interesting because I never new that a space rocket could carry 13 trucks up to space at once, so the saying is true, you learn something new every day , well . The days I do guided reading that is. It is so cool. Most people would say it is so boring but once they read it they’ll love it.

By Billy

I can express my personal response to a text although I may not be aware of the writer”s viewpoint


You could rule a kingdom

Being a monarch might sound like a fun job.But kings and queens in the past didn’t” just sit around all day.They had to do lots of jobs to become successful.Monarchs in history really had to govern.Today in the UK , the prime minister and members of parliament do this.Monarchs in the past were far more hands-on.But what did they have to do?

To young to rule!!!

To be successful ruler was hard.To be young and successful was even harder.A child didn’t have the authority of an adult – and that meant trouble for everyone.In spring of 1483 life suddenly changed for young prince Edward.He was just 12 years old when his farther King Edward IV died

Dear  diary


Mrs moody boots  wanted a jumper for herself and she asder  mopsy and mopsy got mulled up with hir sellf so she whent to  a   pete saie  yes  you may have a juping pet so  mr pete


Having now read the first part of the story (in guided session) write a review on the blog expressing your opinion about the story so far.

So far it is non-fiction book because it has real pictures and not cartoons pictures. The beat page I have seen so far is the Star Wars page which is very cool when you look at the page it has a Death Star which is shooting lasers at another Star Wars Spaceship.

Futre transport in space-gided reading.

I like the book so far because I think that the facts are really interesting. I also like the pitchers  because they start to make you imagine some of the inventions that are going to be in the  future .But also I feel that the pitchers on page 16 is scary. The layout on the page is very good to.

go away violet

I hate violet because of there style  of drawing it is Japan style of drawing! I manly hate it because they miss out fetchers like eyes, nose, eyebrows and other stuff like that. And lucky it is the only one like that as that is the only one in the book with that style of writing. But they put different coolers like green on there cooler skin! And there pity much coped of the PLAN of HULK. And they made her have super jump and strength like HULK. And to finish it of it even a good story and cant think for them self! 

The Wrong Jumper

This book is about animals and a mister I really like the book, it is also about a girl called Mopsy. And A cheeky parrot who  tells mopsy how to clean the floor mr peat was feeling all five the pets  so they bibent  starv anb mopsy  servs the people hou coming the shop.