If YOU see the evil vagrant please call 0800-884-555. This serial kidnapper has a sack as a hat plus he has a brown beared that goes into his mustache and into his wierd hair!He smells like rotten fish mixed with dog muck. Like a thief the vagrant has a huge pot noodle belly.Richly , if this crimnal is turned in the finder will get rewarded £½ a million , with unlimeted chocalate for a year!!!


Please IF YOU see this man call 008-877-911 he has a long beard and you can easily spot him because of his pot belly… and his beard… and boots…and also he will ask you for food. He is nothing but nasty old food nicker no food is left for the poor!! Please if yo see this man call us now  he has to be hanged for his crimes ALL OF THEM!!!

Write a robbery report By Jack

Dear Pc Charlie Fox

I am writing a report to you of a fasinating robbery of a golden frame whick costs 1000 of pounds worth.It was on the date of Wednesday 17th September 2014.Consequently,a kid called Matt who was takeing photographs of when the person was stealing it,in that case this means that if he still has the photos then he will have alot of evidence that he can tell us.According to Matt they was also another 20 people that took photos of that disgusting theif.Meanwhile we can see if we have any evidence that could prove something eventhough he had a black cover up mask that blocked away the image which is unfortunet.

Witness report on a robbery foward to pc mark fox

Dear PC Mark Fox

I am writing on an attempt of a burglery this has never happened before, therefore I am very ashamed of this happing. Also this painting is very valubal to this hall, a kid called Matt saw all this he said ” THIS PERSON WAS WEARING A BLACK MASK AND A BLACK SUIT THIS WAS A CLUE”. The painting is very rare to us because it cost up to NINE MILLION POUNDS.

Walt: write a witness report By Jemma

Dear pc plum,

I have some good news four you. I have some eye witness information Iam shocked about what happened at the Marchmont hall I can not belivef what got stolen from there. I just can’t get my head around that he stole the best ever painting I have ever seen The Blind Horseman.

This is some private infor on the description on the rober who stole The Blind Horseman. He had Black gloves on with a  missing figer.


WALT: Write a witness report for the policie based on a crime..

Dear pc plum,

I am reallly shocked about what had happened because from Matts point of view he will be devestated in wht he had seen from the begginning! I do understand were Matt was coming from because he didnt really know what the man was going to do or what the man was but oblviously the man was a very bad burgeler.

I am writing to you from the insedent I had wittnessed on sunday morning 09/09/14.  At the Martchmount Hall when teh mqan took the painting and sdperinted out of the window with it if i were yoi 8 would arrest him for theft. He had black gloves on a black mask and a missing finger on his left hand it was the last little pinky finger. At first he justed looked at the bunch of people and stared as if to think they would think nothing but then he ran and he sprinted out of the window. Thurthermore there should be serious consequensies!

Yours Faithfully


the photo hife, the mystery of the missing finger by matthew

It was the 10th of septmber 2014 where a mysteryus man with a black cotten masck over his face no one desided  to run after him but just stud there and tuke picturesof him. He lifted the panting of the wall slowly and gently and then spritd for the window and jumped out of t strigt onto the binden next to marchont hall and ran across the roof top. once he got to the other side and slid down the side of it an he vanised as if he were never their. Only two people desided to run to the window but if they were all were to run after im they would have cought him. But he ended up geting away thith the best phot in the hall ,the lind horse man. But one off the other small mysterys is were was one of his fingers?

Inside the game prologue By Kira Blain

What? where was I? said Kira. She looked forward over a black revolting kind of water then she heard a scream just like the one that  she had  heard through my headphones when I was playing seven missions! How bizzar! It was coming from over that suspened rusty bridge that hung very weakly over the water . It didn’t look safe at all. But then I saw some men dressed in black appear out of knowhere and they was running towards the scream with handcuffs and brutal weapons. It was only then that I realised that I was in seven missions the videogame that I had only bein g playing seconds ago. The knights with the axes the suspended bridge the swords the horrible water it was all starting to come together now, I was in the game!Oh no! If I am in the game then that means that it must be the princess that is screaming and that is trapped! I must save her ; but how? I

The Diary of Damian drooth By luke roberts

I can not belive my mum would not let me go to the most famous person of all time and its not fair because I have done so much for my mum and she wont let me go.

The popstars wedding is a big momet for me because her name is Tiger lilly is  awsome in my own mind and meeting her would be a time I would never forget it plus I could protect the presents so none of them would get stolen. My friends would be realy shocked and I would be exstremely popular In the full school and why does Mum get to go and she said “what a cheek” and i am not cheek but then something poped in my mind and it was i could go undercover for the wedding its the perfect thing.

Saddly mum was forcing me to stay home so i sad  “Ill go on a hunger strike” Ok then you can come on Tiger lillys permission .

When we met tiger lilly it was realy exsiting.

Inside the game prologue by charlie

All of this ! reality ! real ! not “12” inch screened life size . It was like seeing a ghost in my own home except this was real not a fairy tale there was the castle with a real wooden lifting drawbridge and black oozing revolting water and their was the princess clutching her jeweled diamond encrusted crown suprisingly a strong iron grip. There gaining on them was the Rieklings with their brutal  axes and spears. Then he realised I had found a huge club before we were ambushed. and that their was the dwarves bow with deadly copper imbued with parlyzing poison enough for all of the dark destroyers and little princess saved . I quickly drew the bow …