my diary as a son of the Dracula .

Dear Diary,
My name is Drake the son of count Dracula . We are in deep Wanted by the police . Because of my dad , people take us in as the family who are bats and suck blood [we don’t] . People just get it of fairy tales and think that its true and don’t take us as normal day-to-day people . It really annoys me and i wish it did not because it gets really uncomfortable trying to go for a relaxing walk and local folk cringe faces and stare at you its really antagonising .

Agent Dominic

California 20:oo am
‘agent agent’ I see our target he is in a black corsa zooming down your way . Dominic , the agent , drove out the icy alley and caught eye of the target . He tailed the target until they stopped near a huge abandoned hotel with trees bare with no leaves , moss multiplying by the minute up the sides . Dominic drove behind a decently sized wall to hide his red insignia . He watched were the target went it seemed they had a secret knock to get in . Just before he got in Dominic took a scan he had some stolen items smuggled from different countries . Dominic knew this was against the law he had to do something!

Back at HQ 1:oo pm
Back at the lab he analysed the information they had retrieved he managed to work out his identty of the target . Dexter Mores his criminal name was ghost rider , thatb is also his name on his criminal records from the police . Now they knew that they could arrest Dexter because they have enough evidence from the police and the actual evidence they had already . Dexter was soon put under arrest and the stolen items were given to the owners

                                                                 another case closed…

Summary of Battle for the park

This book is really good and it has hooked me when I was reading it.It really makes me want to read more . Its all about animals so if you like animals this is a book for you. This book is about animals living in a park called ‘White Deer park’, a couple of men come and steel nearly all of the animals from the park . Luckily  a rabbit is there and she’s really fast so she follows the van full of all the animals till they stop at there destination. She runs back home to tell them all about it so they can help her get all the animals back to white deer park.


She needed help , she needed a plan but she didn’t have one so she asked the other animals that haven’t been kidnapped, for ideas. She {the rabbit} ran back with a plan to save the animals that have been kidnapped and some of her friends that haven’t got kidnapped came along to help her. she missed all her friends more than if they wasn’t friends . She needed to save Pluck {The fox}and all the other animals .  she was scared because she hasn’t done anything like this before .



Little cutie

little cutie is the fist story of the book .Little cutie is a little duck ,she is a duck how fences a duck called Charlie .She will do any thing to get his ashen .So little cutie borrows some of her coition of her friend Brenda .So in the end she goes and calls Charlie totally forgets about the water and drowns ,and the fish said I like your earrings .

sear a story

I give this 9/10 because it cod have in a time machine to a portal of time because they should put in more description and more inform






it is so yummy chocolate  but some do . if y eat to many chocolate y will get greedy with ti olla and  the shop and they will will not de any chocolate in the shop

so when they si not  no chocolate y now how is den have DEEN IN THE SHOP butchoclat shelled de banded Frome shops because so when I go in a nover shop




Day with lola

a day with Lola is a treat

the cutest pug

and the sweetest dog you’ll love to meet

her unstoppable feet

is more then a treat

though you have to wash her wrinkles

or she might  eat your pringles

Lola is lovable

my angle

my sweetness

my best friend!!!


by keanna

my best friend splodge

we have our distances

but we’ll still best friends

our constant love will never end

the question we need to ask

among these years


will this love end in tears?

my sweetness

my angle

my soul mate!!!!!

by keanna


When Mersey year 5 was at London we went to the London zoo and it was really good. First we went to see all of the fishes and they were all type of different sized fishes there. There was big fish and the big fish was big it was about the size of a birthday cake but a tiny bit bigger and wider. Then we went and saw all of gorillas and one of them had a baby a couple of days ago and the little ones were cute and funny. We then went to see all of the monkeys in a rainforest bit and one of the animals was poorly it was sleeping in a tree. We then went to see all of the animals that live outside and most important of them all is the giraffes. We also went to see the meerkats ,tigers and penguins. 


Atticus claw the cat learns to draw vocabulary

on the other paw

that sounds like a good idea


{with any luck }

poor Artticus !

A pet spa!

Unfortunately ,

{ known as the Megalodon}

Its unhygienic