Inside the game amy’s interest By Charlie

Amy is kind of involved in the game because she liked how you had  the countless puzzle although how she hated the violence but in contrast Chris loved the action .Yet now they have somehow transported into the seven missions game and now they have to battle the two guards there contrast should stop even though Amy hates fighting they’ll have to for they’re survival .She may have put themselves in the situation due to the her fiddling with the hessian screen divider because in the text it states it was joined to the seven missions game perhaps she’d turned it on and made there traumatic reality. The machine purpose is unknown only uncle Reg knew .


Damian Drooth explnation By luke Roberts And Beth

Amazingly, this book is possibly about rich people because Tiger lilly has invited Damian and he is admiaring the popstar and asking her loads of questions so i think this book is about rich people and Tiger lilly is realy rich because she has loads of money in her house and speaking of houses she has a realy big house people love her and probaly want to be a popstar when they are older to. In the book damian is realy shocked that he has been invited to her wedding plus Damians Mum is cooking for the guests. The man that she is marrying is called Gary Blaze he is a very good football player and he is useless for anything else and she absolutly loves him. Its the reason why gary blaze is a rich person

Yama god of death

Yama god of death grants wishes to those who admire him but unless you dont admire him then all he has to say is that you will not be graunted a wish but wht he can do is make you happy or healthy. Despite the fact that he is evil he also spares death and helps people who are in deprate need of help. Yama is indeed the hero of the story i read and in the book yama takes a mans life and gets tricked by a girl called savitree. she says ” oh great yama you are so great and powerfull what ever would you let me do to save this mans life?”great yama replys ” I can spare this man life if I graunt  you 3 wishes”.

An argument on yama is yama the hero by Daniel

I think that yama is not the hero because he steals souls from people and the only way to get the soul back is to trick him in to giving your soul back and if you fail the first time you can’t get your soul back.This means that yama is not not a nice person so i think yama is not a hero dueto stealing souls.Yama the god of death is the most evil person in the world i think this because you have to trick him into giving your soul back to you.

Yama is not a nice person to talk to because he will steal your soul which is not nice because you can not move until you get your soul back from him which is hard.This is because you only have one chance of getting your soul back and if you do not get it back you will die this is because he will keep it and you will not a chance of survival.If you do survive you will not be able to move so this is why i dont think that yama the god of death is not a hero and i think he is not a nice person.

If any of you read the book you will agree with me because he is not a very nice person so agree with me.


I think that Yama is the superhero of the first story because he gave the girl the three wishes and all of her wishes came true. Aswell as that he hands the girl the rope what  she really needed and he came out o nowhere and in her mind she was just wshing that someone would hand her some rop becaus she really needed it. That is what superheros do they come out of nowhere

My vershion of star wars



One day four rebel kids where looking for something to do. ” hey I know what we are going to do today” Mentioned Ferb the leader and the most talented Jedi of them all. “We could go fight some bad guys!” ” ehuehujabba goyou”said Jabba jr ( tranzalation) ” great me go with ferb and phineas and squash empire under my butt” The last rebel hero stated “What ever i will be abel to kick some bottems!” “Stop being moody ecto.”

Soon the heros set of on there jurny


why yama is not the hero

Ther are about 10 reasons why Yama,the god of death, is not a hero.One reason is because he is a god of death and why would someone take souls if there a hero.

2 Yama puts curses on people like Satyavan because n the text it states that “he was living under a curse”

3  Because Yama is a hooded figure

write an argument that yama is not the hero of the first book

There are a lot of reasons that Yama is not the hero a) Yama is the god of death. Here is the evidence, “Yama the god of death” this backs me up because it states it in the text.

2)Yama put a curse on Satyave. Hear is the evidence ” He is living under a curse one day you will not be a wife you will be a widow.” explain. Yama is the god of death an he put the curse of death on him.


If YOU see the evil vagrant please call 0800-884-555. This serial kidnapper has a sack as a hat plus he has a brown beared that goes into his mustache and into his wierd hair!He smells like rotten fish mixed with dog muck. Like a thief the vagrant has a huge pot noodle belly.Richly , if this crimnal is turned in the finder will get rewarded £½ a million , with unlimeted chocalate for a year!!!


Please IF YOU see this man call 008-877-911 he has a long beard and you can easily spot him because of his pot belly… and his beard… and boots…and also he will ask you for food. He is nothing but nasty old food nicker no food is left for the poor!! Please if yo see this man call us now  he has to be hanged for his crimes ALL OF THEM!!!