I can identify different character typs over a range of texts.

it was a Sunday morning and zack and zoe are on the way to the thearter we are on the beach at the minuet on the way to the cinema we get to the cinema and sit  on the seats  Mrs brightly walked o the stage and introduced us it was taking a long time so I said lets play hide and seek so zoe said ok then we discovered places like the dressing room the orchristure  pit and the design room. when we was fed up of hide and seak we was warned not to go underneath he stage but we did then we met dan and he heard me call zoe a sceardy cat so he told me the story of the sceardy cat  he said he will make you feel sceard if you ever call anyone a sceardy cat

by Bobby

Write a newspaper

There has been a disterbance at MarchMont Hall. The police are doing further investagations at MarchMont Hall, tey are also interveiwing the 10 suspects that was there at the hall hen this incident happend at 1:30pm Wednesday 2nd of July 2014. Also police are taking finger prints samples of clothing and all sorts os samples to make sure tht it wasn’t them.

Anyway Inspetor Stamp was taking notes in his book. Plus two young children were there and saw that, but one of the children Matt saw the theif in the drawing room and wanted to catch the theif and said ” This theif was wearing a black mask and a black outfit so that he could be camouflage and nobody could reconise the theif, also I darted of trying to catch the theif but i was to slow to catch this theif with the “OPEN AND SHUT CASE…”


spooky story by keira

There once lived a witch and a ghost. Every Halloween all the ghosts and ghouls were alowed to roam around earth for the day.the moment the sun started to rise on the next day they were sent back to hell. One halloween the where going to the abandoned mantion where the ghosts and ghouls go every year only to find out it had been bought.       “Oh……..well then….lets find where the others have decided to go”said the witch whose name was mary, by the way.

“Yea lets”said the ghost who was called bob. Both of them had nick names Mary’s was scary Mary and bobs bobing bob because he’s a ghost. They found a house where there was a big halloween party going on. It was decorated and looked scarier then there mansion ever did. They thought the dressed up people where real monsters! They entered a best costume competition thinking it was a scaring competition and when the people found there true identity they where running around,screaming. Taking advantage of the chaos they tryed to sneek out by lifting up a floor board and climbing down into the basement…guess what they found..the other ghouls where in the basement! They joind in and had the most amount of fun possible before being sent to Hell again

The end

By Keira







charecter description on yama the god of death

Yama the god of death is a mean looking person his eyes are like fire his head is a bowling ball people nearly die looking at his face because he looks so scary.His face looks like a ghost and his arms look like trees this is because he is huge and his arms are huge.He is really tall he is 15 feet tall which is very tall that is about 8 metres tall.

If you look at yama god of death you will belive me because he is very tall because he needs to make people run away this is because he wants to be scary.

do you think that pirates are excting? by amy

being a pirate would be fun because you get to sing songs and get to search for gold and also get gold . In adition being a pirate would be being the captins slave and be bost around all the time doing hard jobs for the captin and if people doont do what they say people will be fored to work the plank!

if you are a pirate you will get rich and have lots of gold and adverters that wll be really excting. Although having all the gold will make peopl famus and get to descuver all the things away from home . furthermore looking at all the different kind of fish in the sea and may be some unwell  fish maybe spot some sharks and whales will be good

being a pirate will be no sleep less food and spending less time with people family  and probly will no be able to see them again because family is more imporant then gold and other thing. spening your whole life as a slave is not good. the bossy boat does not care about anyone exept their self  there so selffish.

do you thinck pirates did exsist, by ben greenley and sophie fairpo

pirates exsised because we would not be here to day.pirates invented the boat and the  eye paches.pirates could sill be around to day but very dont it because they qwould not understand our tenogerge.

when you was a piret you can get goled and an i pach if you was a piret you wuled sleep in cabens if you was looky or the piret frend but you wouled talke pirate wat wouled be anouiny  to sund like you would see the worled .

How to add a comment on the blog By Kira Blain

The first thing that I will explain to you is how to add a comment.Adding a comment is simple really(once you know how to do it). First of all you need to find the piece of work that you want to comment on then at the bottom of the text there will be little texts. There is one that says comment or one comment or however many comments that piece of work has you need to click on it. You will come to that piece of writing, if you scroll down then you will find a box saying leave a comment. In the box you need to write your comment or whatever you want to write about that piece of work. Then below there will be three boxes, you need to fill those boxes in otherwise, your comment will not be posted. Afterwards, your comment will be there and you can see it; then , all you have to do is to return to the webpage of whatever years you are on.


walt:write a newspaper by Jack

A Theif at the most populaur gallery

At 3:05at the famous gallery near the Marchmont Hall they has been a robery from a stolen frame which is the couler gold on the outside.When he left with the frame when he jumped out of the window it was wrapped up  in a black paper bag with the shape of the frame.The theif had a missing finger which was unusewul to see on a human been.The robber was in a black suit to make sure that he didnt get caught by people in his local so he had a black mask on.Whilst the frame was getting stolen people who went to the gallery took pictures for evidence to see if they got the right person at the time so nobody gets the blame of the robbery.

Going on to the local whilst he was takeing the picture a kid called Matt nearly got the blame of not catching the robber at the time when he was near the crime scene.Whilst the case was carrying on the butler came forward and said “I did not bsteal the frame and for proof i dont have a missing finger”If you fing this robber than please report it to the police.






WALT: write a newspaper By Jemma

A  Thief at the Marchmont Hall

 At  3:00 pm yestarday a theif was notice sealing a famous paint  from the famous  Marchmont Hall. The theif stole the best paint in the whole Hall it was more then 6 million pounds to by on line. The blind horseman was stolen by a man that was missing the little finger on the left hand, he was all in black with a theif mask on his face. he had boots on that just went above his whole foot.

The case is still been look at, the police are still looking for the man and more eivdence to do with the open and closed case. If you know any thing about the case please contact the police on this number: 074592817

There was a little boy  at the crime place while it happened. So  just please think of the little boy Matt.

WALT: Write a newspaper report.

Thisd newspaper report is on an insident that hapend on the 15th of October 2014. The insident was at the Martchmont Hall its descrasfull how dare someone do something such as this!

A man was wondering about a little boy called mat saw him stood opisite him just stood there staring in his black suit with his black mask oin but Matt did not want to shout thief because he would be accusing him of something that he might not atchually be he stated “He could of just had a problem so he had to wear a weird mask!” but then Matt relised that he had a missing finger wich was his pinky on his left hand but Matt thought that could be something to do with his problem but he also thought it was unusuall and suspicious. The man had his hands on the most valuble and great painting called the Bind Hoseman! He looked left right and then al of a sudden he just sprinted with the painting and got out of the window the king was so angry because it was also worth a lot lot of money but the guard should have been guarding it if she was this wouldnt happen.

the king would like to get the police involved not to cause trouble just to see if he had any chance of getting his painting back! He also atchually got an inspecter in his Mrchmount Hall and he wasnt very helpfull he just went and acused the butler but nobody will never really  knwo who it is unfortunatly and the king if very upset indeed the police are still on the crime and doing everything they can to help… By Chloe