London trip

Y5 are venturing on a trip to London on March 16 Monday.we are spectaculary excited we cannot wait that some of us have already packed the events are on the coach for a few hours and when we arrive we will be having a wonderfull meal at the rainforest cafe .After all that we will be going to our hotel with craven and our two partners to get ready and changed to watch a theatre called wicked at the apollo and then back to our rooms from all the excitement we will hopefully be going to bed.The next morning we will be having breakfast and then having an amazing time at london zoo .then we will be home at 8.o clock pm . My opinion is that we are going to have the time of our Leoni ledger

i can draw and justify inferences


do you want to know all about kings and queens well find this book at any good supermarket in Hull. this brilliant book is called Dead losses. Some one said that it was a brilliant book and they liked the time line at the back. They said that it was really interesting and they loved it. Someone else said that they did not know that it would be so so so hard to be a king and queen and that they also did not know that they got there heads chopped off in them days but they do not now. This brilliant book tells you a lot of facts about kings and queens

By Bobby



This book is DEAD-TASTIC ,you will DIE to find out what is on the next page there is a Variety of FUN AND DEADLY facts about who got there heads CHOPPED OFF.Also’ there is a collection of books so look out for the DEADLY AMAZING books .


Dead losses

The book dead losses is a book full of  dead monarchs that were useless to the kingdom . Between the chat  of  Mary  Queen of Scotland and Charles the first , they obviously did not like being a dead loss. This would be a good book for children to read  because it would give you a heads up on what to do and what not to do if you became king or queen. The title Dead Losses explains that kings and queens were dead to this kingdom and would be disgraceful if they came back.  that’s why I think this book would be great for  children .



by keanna

Bag packing at asda. yr 5

yr 5 (us) went bag packing at ASDA and there was a really funnyish moment. A man in a mobility scooter came to mine and Leahs till and put a a bit of money for into our bucket. Normal you say? Well he made one mistake. He forgot his shopping! Leah followed me with the mans shopping as I sprinted to catch the man up. When I told him he forgot his shopping he said,”I’ve done It a few times before.” Then he turned back towords the till and stuck another pound coin in the bucket and drove out the door.


The Cloud Rider

Om a windy day Ellie  and Jay was outside playing ‘ Tag ‘ and Jay found a weird creature in the sky and he went to go and call Ellie nut she thought he was playing tricks on her like always But when she went to have a look she saw the weird creature in the sky. And some red shapes were chasing him and he hurt his leg and he came flying to the ground. Ellie and Jay went to go and have a look and Ellie said ” Are you alright”. And he said  yes and Ellie said you can hear me so the picked him up and said he’s as light as a bird  so they went to go and put him in a safe place. Which was the shed and they cared for the cloud rider until he had got better. But they didn’t let there mum or dad know or anybody else in here family. By Jasmine

I can express my personal response to a text although i may not be aware of the writers viewpoint

Dead Losses


The introduction says all about kings and queens in the olden days and how they could not cope with the job. Other kings and queens could cope with the job but sadly passed away after a few years, going back to saying about the book it is very intresting.If the kings and queens didn’t do there job propaly they would get there heads chopped off each and every one of them. I am glad I got this book to read for guided reading some kings and queens said “I think ill take a snooze”. Some even just sat on the frown all day long, people must of hated it when they just sat there not doing any thing. At the minute the book is really good and funny because of all the things it says and all of the funny pictures. People might say that they didn’t want to do the job of been a king or queen because they didn’t want to do it wrong and get there head chopped off. If they were related to the old king or queen and they were next in line they didn’t have a chose. Dead Losses is a really funny book and I love reading it.

By Emma

The mucus

On wednsday the 20th of janury in science club I was making mucus  it was really fun  .Also I made it with Leah.When we made it miss did it first because we had no idea what to do.To make it we used golden syrup ,green water and last but not least gelaton. When we was finnaly done the table was really messy because of the goden syrup. But they had to set so we all put them on the sink. Then when it was cooled down it was like jelly. Then if you tipped the cup upside down it wouldn’t move an inch it just stayed there

in space future trasport – guieded reading

I think this book is an extremely great and interesting  . I think this because space is an interesting place to learn about . some of the things have amazed me so far and where only up to page 17 . It tells you about planets , aliens , moon , people in space and much more.

maths quiz

Today year 5 have done a maths quiz . On the maths quiz we needed to work out what symbol meant what . We had lots of fun doing this.